Guillaume Jacquet

Aerobatic pilot

© Guillaume Jacquet

«Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality», said Antoine de St-Exupéry. Guillaume Jacquet has made it his credo, he who has dreamed of aviation all his life. So, thanks to his talent and perseverance, he became an aerobatic pilot at the age of 27. Young in his forties and father of two children, Guillaume is a flight instructor and acrobatic competitor since 2009.

Member of the national aerobatics team and with 12 medals won on the Swiss circuit, Guillaume now wishes to climb to the highest level and participate in as many competitions as possible, both in Europe and the United States or elsewhere in the world. How about taking some altitude and make your heads spinning around (and those of your clients and employees) by supporting Guillaume Jacquet?

Guillaume about Mana: «During a competition you have to give the best you can and being focused at 200% on your goal and objectives… being well surrounded and to rely on the right people is a key point to accomplish the best performances. This is exactly how I feel when collaborating with Wiktor. He knows the business and shows a great motivation which gives me the freedom I need to accomplish my goal. Definitely, a great professional!»

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