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In the face of the growing ecological urgency, EPFL Innovation Park has launched Tech4Regeneration, a visionary acceleration program aimed at promoting long-term initiatives beneficial to the environment and society. This program aims to reverse alarming trends in critical areas such as biodiversity loss, depletion of natural resources, climate disruptions, increasing pollution and waste, as well as the widening of economic and social inequalities.

Tech4Regeneration focuses on establishing strategic partnerships to support innovative startups, helping them deploy their technologies and develop their business models to maximize their impact on the environment and society. This unique program, which is free and does not take equity in startups, offers a nine-month interdisciplinary training and personalized guidance by experts from various sectors and industries.

The program takes a comprehensive approach, integrating various fields such as energy, construction, agriculture, industrial production, and digital technology, to name a few. Selected entrepreneurs will join a dynamic community of companies and investors committed to the transition towards a more regenerative economy.

Bertrand Klaiber, Tech4Regeneration Program Manager, on Mana Consulting: “An economic, ecological, and social transformation is necessary to create a safe and just space for humanity, and it requires not only new technologies but also new business models, financing methods, narratives, and marketing approaches. Mana Consulting has clearly understood these challenges and is a committed participant in the Tech4Regeneration program.”

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