Te mana o te moana

Association active in the protection of the marine environment in Polynesia


© Alexis Rosenfeld

Founded in 2004, the association Te mana o te moana (which means “the spirit of the sea” in Tahitian) works for the protection of the Polynesian marine world and in particular sea turtles through its actions of discovery, education and protection. Thanks to its long experience, the association aims to develop internationally, through its actions for the conservation of marine turtles but also at the educational level, by creating educational marine areas and educational materials on the protection of the oceans.

The future is shaped with children. Te mana o te moana knows it well. By supporting this NGO, member of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), you are not only providing concrete logistical support in French Polynesia, but also everywhere else in the world where projects are led to evolve through actions carried out for the protection of marine turtles but also in schools, on the seaside or by the lakes and rivers. And you? Do you also have “the spirit of the sea”?

Cécile Gaspar, Founder and Director of Te mana o te moana: «I love Wiktor’s philosophy which is in perfect harmony with mine! The idea is to connect people, ideas, projects, partners in order to accelerate change and, together, participate in a better protection and much needed restoration of our beautiful planet. Alone, we go faster, but together we go further! For me, that’s the motto of Mana Consulting!!! and the Earth needs this synergy of urgent actions!! Thank you, Wiktor, for showing this desire to act!»

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