Solar Innovation is Right on Track


Sun-Ways is a Swiss startup that has developed an innovative solution for installing removable photovoltaic panels between the rails of a railway, in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). This technology generates electricity by utilizing the unused space between the rails without disrupting rail traffic.

The panels are assembled to fit perfectly between the rails and are installed using a piston mechanism and a specialized convoy, thus facilitating a quick and secure setup. The Sun-Ways system also allows for regular maintenance work on the railway due to its removable design.

They offer several advantages: the use of anti-glare filters to reduce glare, sensors for efficient monitoring, and an automatic brush system on trains to ensure the panels are kept clean. A de-icing system can also be integrated to ensure functionality in cold regions.

The pilot project planned in Neuchâtel aims to demonstrate the significant potential of this technology with a production capacity of 1 TWh per year for Switzerland, which would substantially contribute to the country’s solar electricity production.

Sun-Ways does not limit its ambitions to Switzerland; the startup plans to expand into Europe, the United States, and Asia. Their technology could be adapted to half of the world’s railway tracks. They benefit from the support of the Swiss Agency for Innovation Support and various industrial partners, paving the way for a significant transformation of railway infrastructure into a source of sustainable energy.

Join them in promoting a sustainable energy future.

Joseph Scuderi, CEO of Sun-Ways, on Mana Consulting: “What a pleasure it is to collaborate with someone as passionate as Wiktor. I am confident that Mana Consulting will be able to contribute to the development of Sun-Ways’ activities in Switzerland and abroad.”

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