To the edge of space with solar energy

© Fred Merz / Lundi13 / SolarStratos

Climate change is pushing humanity to find solutions to continue living on our planet in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. In terms of energy transition, SolarStratos, whose mission is to fly with a solar plane to the edge of space, wishes to bring this hope for a better world by demonstrating the potential of solar energy.

Collaborating with SolarStratos would allow you to crystallize the values of innovation, perseverance and performance. You will not only be able to communicate your support for a history-making eco-exploration, but also make your community dream and gather your teams around a unique project. Are you ready to get aboard this solar bird?

Raphaël Domjan, founder and pilot of SolarStratos: «Since 2011, during my world tour with PlanetSolar, I have the chance to collaborate with Wiktor. I appreciate his commitment and the energy he instills in the search for our new partners for our various projects.»

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