Léna Bühler

Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine pilot


© Anne-Laure Lechat

Motorsport disseminates a very masculine image: speed, roaring engines, garage smells, tire screeching… In this particularly virile world, however, a pearl is evolving. A go-getter with a pink helmet. A champion whose goal is to compete in Formula 1. For several years she has been climbing the ranks of the different types of Formulas. She is a Swiss in her early twenties. Her name is Léna Bühler. It is part of the French «R-ace GP» team, one of the leading teams in the Formula Regional European Championship category.

To improve her athletic, physical and mental skills, she is looking for sponsors to fund her seasons. The needs are numerous: travel, accommodation, technical staff, sets of tires, test and racing days… What if you help Léna, the only Swiss female representative in her category, to break into motorsport and to go even further? ? An exceptional opportunity to share your values ​​of surpassing oneself, perseverance, high technicality, precision, team spirit… and make your customers and staff dream and vibrate with emotion!

Gérard Scheidegger, Léna Bühler’s Manager: «In achieving her sporting ambitions, Léna has many advantages, both in terms of her talent and her personality. I am delighted that Wiktor is supporting Global Sport Management in the search for partners and sponsors.»

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