Hydrogen Pioneers

© GreenGT

GreenGT, pioneers in electric-hydrogen technologies, showcases its Swiss expertise through two electric-hydrogen-powered race cars. These vehicles, available for events organized by companies or institutions, offer a unique experience and can be admired statically or dynamically, symbolizing the commitment to clean energy.

Driven by a bold vision, GreenGT also collaborates with Raphaël Dinelli and Bertrand Piccard’s Climate Impulse project for the first round-the-world flight in a green hydrogen-powered plane planned for 2028, highlighting its expertise in fuel cell systems. Furthermore, it is associated with the GOH!” project, the first 40-ton truck powered by green hydrogen, in partnership with Migros Genève, as well as with the Hyliko project, the first French company offering retrofitting of heavy-duty trucks, underlining its commitment to sustainable logistics.

Since its foundation in 2008 by Jean-François Weber, GreenGT has established itself as a leader in innovation in the field of hydrogen fuel cell solutions, notably with its H24 model, the first race car to compete in the Michelin Le Mans Cup. As a strategic partner to manufacturers, GreenGT plays an active role in the transition towards green mobility, thus paving the way for a more environmentally friendly environment.

Frédéric Veloso, Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at GreenGT, about Mana Consulting: “We are excited about collaborating with Wiktor for our hydrogen race car project. His expertise and network will be valuable assets in our search for sponsors aligned with our vision of sustainable mobility. Having demonstrated that hydrogen race cars can achieve the same level of performance as conventional race cars, we aim to give these prototypes a second life to continue symbolizing the sustainability, performance, and innovation that are close to our hearts.”

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