Biocomputing - The next evolutionary leap for AI


Discover FinalSpark, a revolutionary Swiss startup that is redefining the boundaries of technology and biology. Founded in 2014 in Vevey by Dr. Fred Jordan and Martin Kutter, FinalSpark is no ordinary company: it transforms human neurons into living processors, potentially capable not only of thinking but also of creating and innovating. By replacing silicon with living cells, FinalSpark promises to upheave our current approach to artificial intelligence, while minimizing the energy footprint of modern computing.

With three patents filed, over 20 terabytes of data collected, and an investment of 1 million Swiss francs in research and development, FinalSpark positions itself as a leader in its field. The deeptech company, which launched the very first online platform enabling researchers worldwide to conduct remote experiments on biological neurons in vitro, is seeking investors to accelerate its development and explore new applications of this revolutionary technology.

For those interested in participating in this innovative venture, FinalSpark represents an exceptional opportunity to invest in the future of computing and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Fred Jordan about Mana Consulting: “Wiktor has a real passion and persistence for assisting startups in their communication.”

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