Claudio Caluori

Mountain Bike Pro Rider

Sebastian Sternemann

Cycling, in any form, has always been a big part of Claudio’s life. The sport has shown him countless places around the world, both as a professional racer and a track builder. It has taught him many life lessons and highlighted how pump tracks change lives positively in every community Claudio and his team build them.  From Roma in Lesotho through Aranyaprathet in Thailand, all the way to Zurich and New York City, they bring people together into sports. This is why Pump for Peace, the UCI Pump Track World and everything else Velosolutions proposes has the same goal: to make sport on wheels accessible to everyone. Claudio is convinced that this is how the world can change.

Supporting Claudio not only means enjoying a healthy image, benefiting from breathtaking images, but also participating in creating smiles around the world thanks to the social and sustainable commitments of Claudio and his acolytes through their global initiative Pump for Peace.

Claudio about Mana: “We are not short of ideas at Velosolutions, but it is another story to bring these ideas to life. We are happy with the support of Mana and we believe that we will accelerate the realization of these ideas together. Thanks!”

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